Monday, September 04, 2017

Monday Motivation: Girl Power

Me and several other bloggers have decided to co-host a linky, called Monday Motivation. For those that aren't bloggers, it's basically a bunch of us writing a motivational post, and showcasing others that have done the same. If you want to read more, take a look at the other posts written, shown at the end of this one.

Mine is about girl power or, let's be honest, woman power! I've never been someone that was surrounded by a lot of friends. I'm talkative, never shy, I will chat to anyone, but I've dipped in and out of groups. 

I've had times in the past, where I have had a group of girlfriends, that I've gone out drinking with, having fun. I would rarely meet those for coffee though, they were 'weekend friends'.

Lately though, I've noticed my groups changing. My view of friendship is also changing. Very few of the people in my past would really understand how life is for me now. They wouldn't understand my lack of sleep, through worry (like last night, Mr. Ojo has been in a lot of pain. I couldn't sleep because I wanted to make sure he was ok!).

This is where friendship has changed. The ones I have 'in real life' don't expect to see me often, they understand that life gets complicated sometimes. They get that plans change suddenly. When the time is right, however, they will make me belly laugh in their company! Just this weekend we had a rare catch up. A pub, a group of 40+ women and a LOT of alcohol. I genuinely feel more human today, for talking and laughing. 

For one night I wasn't a mam, wife or carer. I was just me.

Then there's the online friends. They are the ones that are always there, on your phone. Most of these are also special needs parents, or fellow bloggers. We have fallen into each others lives through events or pages, then realised that we really are so similar. I can really open up to these ladies, I can be my true self. They will offer hugs that mean a lot, even though they are miles away. They will offer to kick someones ass, if they p*ss me off. 
They have become my rocks.

So embrace the girl/woman power.
Embrace random friendships that turn into something more.

And most of all, remember how great a night on the town can feel! (Although, not necessarily the next morning!)

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  1. I am *loving* this idea!! Having the support of others who lift you up, rant alongside you and lift you up makes such a difference, doesn't it?
    So glad you got the chance for some time to be *you*. xo

    1. unfortunately me seems to like too much alcohol! lol xx

  2. This!! I don't have many 'real life' friends these days, but I pretty much live online as there are so many more 'friends' with things in common with my life. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheMMLinky xx

    1. Those group chats are lifesavers, on a rough day x

  3. Completely get what you are saying x

  4. Love this, it's good to hear you've got support around you. We all need that release and hugs! #theMMlinky


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