Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Let's talk Body Shaming!

Let's be honest here, social media is a fabulous invention. We get to speak to friends, on a daily basis, that we may not see for a year. We also get to keep in touch with family, that might of drifted out of our life otherwise. The advances in modern technology, that means email, family and friends, are there, at the touch of a finger, never cease to amaze me!

However, there's a downside (actually, there are many), but the one that affects me, personally, is body shaming. We have always had models and famous people, that we aspire to look like, to be like, that we were in awe of. However, again thanks to advances in modern tech, we now don't get to see the 'real' person. We get a photo shopped, airbrushed, filtered version. This doesn't really bother me, we all want to look our best! However, I'm of an age where I can filter the reality from the image on the screen.

Body shaming is becoming quite a thing though. There seems to be too many articles, most days in fact, that pick people out for being the wrong size. It isn't even aimed at the large, I see so many pictures of stick thin models being shared with derogatory comments. The worst part is, youngsters are seeing this and thinking it's the real thing! Most of these images have been amended, to make the model look worse.

People are changing their bodies for this reason. I actually read an article on AOL, today, where a woman had done just this.  I don't disagree with her choice, because she did it the right way, the healthy way. I just disagree with the thing that tipped her over. 

I have battled my weight all my life, I genuinely don't ever remember being slim, I was the 'chubby' one all my life. I'm still battling my weight, at the moment quite successfully, but now I'm doing it for me. I've been very lucky in life to find my soul mate, a man that loves me for me, whatever my lumps and bumps, or waistline, look like. My health has suffered with my weight, which is pushing me harder, but I'm still losing the inches for me.

The amount of times I've seen abuse levelled at women online (I'm sure it happens to men too), because of their size is shameful. When did we stop caring about each other? When did it become ok to share pictures of strangers, because they don't look how you think they should? 

It makes me sick to my stomach that something so useful, social media and the Internet, is being used in such a destructive way. 

We seem to have forgotten how to 'live and let live'.

This makes me incredibly sad. Care more people, you don't have the right to judge others, based on your own distorted view of normal.


  1. You're absolutely right, and while the young woman you quote did lose weight after pubic shaming, I imagine it could make some people feel much worse, with potentially serious consequences. So sad and so unnecessary :(

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