Saturday, July 29, 2017

We went on Holidays!

We have just come back from a lovely 4 night stay, in Hengar Manor Park, Cornwall. We got a fabulous, last minute, deal with Hoseasons which basically meant we booked, packed and left, all within 4 days! This would normally be unheard of, for my little family, but we decided to go for it anyway. It did mean leaving our eldest behind, but he wouldn't enjoy it. Days in the pool, or on the beach, are not really what he's looking for in a holiday at nearly 20.

We successfully found our way, a short 3.5 hour drive and settled in quite quickly. It was a lovely little bungalow, small and slightly dated, but clean and with everything we required.

In the 4 days we were there we managed a trip to the beach:

Which included Ice Cream:

We also managed a trip to the Newquay zoo:
(Which also included Ice cream!)

Overall, we had a lovely week, the sun peeked through a fair bit, but not too hot.

Now, let me tell you a little secret: The pictures don't show everything! (I know, shocking right?!)

The day at the beach was a very short one. We drove 45mins to our favourite beach, Perranporth. When we arrived it was PACKED, more than usual, which made it a nightmare to park. I have to consider how far my husband can walk, on uneven 'rustic' pavements and that Ajax struggles walking too far also. After paying £5 to park, in a field, I was nagged about getting to the beach......for the whole 5mins it took to walk there.

 When we arrived, we found a spot by some steps, so hubby could sit while the boys played. I kicked a ball around with my, football mad, middle boy, while Ajax played in the sand. The 2 boys then decided that middle boy was going to get buried in sand, so the youngest started digging, with his hands, where he managed to scrape a finger. This led to a lot of whimpering and grizzling, until we could get cleaned up, leave the beach and find a chemist for plasters (the only thing that calms him, is if he can't see it).

We probably lasted an hour on the beach, tops!

The day at the zoo was saved by taking the wheelchair for Ajax. That way he could stay out of the way, whilst still enjoying all the animals. It also saves me from losing him, especially when him and his brother go in different directions!


Everything from what I pack, like making sure middle boy has his guitar (yes, I take it on holidays) because it calms him, has consequences. I always check I can get WiFi in my Caravan/Bungalow/room, wherever I go. I actually take a bag of various electronics, so I have back ups for the back ups! I also have to make sure I have a bag of books, for Ajax, so a trip to library was made, before we left.

Let's not even go there with the food! When I order Chicken dippers, with chips, for Ajax, I do not want chicken goujons, cooked in buttermilk, with chips cooked 3 ways, in goose fat etc etc. I WANT F**KING CHICKEN DIPPERS WITH CHIPS!!!! As if getting him to eat wasn't hard enough!? So obviously a supermarket visit is first on our list to get frozen potato waffles, crisps and bread.

Going away, as a parent with autistic children is not all fun and games. Yes, we had a good week, the boys loved it, but that doesn't mean it wasn't bloody exhausting!

That's why I took this picture, on the last night:

That's 2 parents, exhausted but happy, that have survived another break away!

Do you have plans for the summer?
We probably won't leave the house again, through the school holidays. If we do, it will be spread all over social media, because we deserve to be bloody smug!


  1. Gorgeous photos, and I totally get all the behind the scenes work that goes into them!

  2. Well done all of you including the one that stayed at home. Lovely pictures and I have such fond memories of Perranporth but also an incident where my lovely gay uncle threw a total fit when I walked him into a cave and he came across a woman getting dressed. Years later, I understood he was an alcoholic who wanted a drink but it was quite terrifying in a way at the time but still have Perranporth as my favourite beach of all time. You are so great and I wish you could feel that more than you do and thanks for trusting this story to the new linky #ShowRealBlogs because you are always real which is why I love you

  3. Well done for surviving, and by the sounds of it enjoying, your holiday! Sounds very stressful & super organised, but hopefully worth it.

  4. Sounds like a typical holiday avec kids!! haha. Love this post and linky. #showrealblogs


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