Thursday, April 27, 2017

What type of Blogger am I?

I'm not being a very good blogger at all lately, or am I? I mean, what is a 'proper' blogger. I don't do reviews, anymore, I don't like to do them. I don't write as much about the SEND (special educational needs and disability) world as I'd like, normally because I'm so busy living it to write about it! I just write from the heart, when I can. 

This past few days being a typical example. I'm exhausted, to the point that I've become a little poorly.  I have a throat infection, nothing serious, it won't stop me, but it's floored me for the day! 

I think a lot of it is worry. 
Worry over things that I can't change.

For example, the lovely Mr. Ojo, who is seriously suffering enough already, has had another diagnosis. He went to the opticians, last week, for a regular check up. They found he has cataracts. I know this is an easily fixed problem, these days, but they've also advised him to see the doctor, to get his kidneys and blood sugar checked. I already have diabetes, which is finally under control, so we know we can live with that, it just feels like his appointments never end in good news, you know?!

I adore this man, I can't believe what he's going through. He can't walk any distance anymore, I'm going to a SEND awards ceremony in May, I'm crapping myself about leaving him! I know my eldest will help all he can, but he's not the most in he sleeps most of the day! 

It just seems to be a few short years ago, he was playing football, teaching the eldest to ride a bike, taking long walks with me! I suppose the upside is that I get to spend lots of time with him now, the boys have him around the house. 

My youngest 2 tend to be oblivious to our needs, not their fault, just the way it is. Ajax has had a rough couple of days, changes to his teacher (the one is on maternity), a couple of days where he's had to write (always a bad day). 

Oh yes, and I'm awaiting another test for my thyroid! I want to scream, but I know others are having a much tougher time (a good friend of mine, for a start, is battling breast cancer).

I know we should all see our problems individually, but sometimes you have to put it into perspective. I might be having a rough day, but overall, life is good.

My family! The reason I smile

I have babbled all the way through this post, haven't I? I really am a 'from the heart' blogger, I want people to know that sometimes life gets crap, you just have to get through. Look for the little things, that have made you smile today. I could sit in bed (where I've spent the day, between school runs) and mope. Or I could sit here and think: I got to catch up on some shows, interact with people on social media and listen to my 2 youngest giggle with their dad.

Which would you choose? I know as a carer, we can forget the good stuff, well I'm not going to do that, I'm going to forget the bad.

What's been good about your day today?


  1. What a lovely, inspiring post. I'm sorry to hear you're all going through a tough time right now, but I love your positive attitude. I hope Mr Ojo gets some good news soon. x

  2. I try very hard to remember and write about the good stuff too, but it doesn't yet make me forget the bad! Maybe I just need to keep practicing ;)

  3. For what it's worth, I love from the heart bloggers. I much prefer honesty in blogging, I don't want to see someone's highlights reel, I want to see reality.
    I'm sorry it's rough a the moment *hugs*


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