Friday, March 10, 2017

The weight loss minefield:

How the hell do women know that they are losing weight or not? This is something that's been bothering me for quite some time, so expect a short rant:

We are often told to ignore the scales, they don't give an accurate portrayal. This I have found to be very true, in the past. I've weighed on my own scales, the doctors scales AND other scales........they all say something different. Unfortunately scales can be calibrated differently, so who knows which ones are actually telling the truth? (However, I am now going to Slimming World, which does depend on the scales!?).

Another thing we can then turn to the BMI, but wait, that's wrong too isn't it? If you went by that, most sports people, especially the ones that depend on more muscle mass, would be obese. Your BMI is a reflection of your weight and height, so if you are quite muscular, yet 5' 4", you would be morbidly obese. 
Also, who has time for that shit!?

Hmmm, so that's out then.

OK then, let's go shopping then. Oh wait, if we go to a supermarket and buy clothing, for example, in a size 18 and it fits, I'll feel great! So I'll go shopping again, maybe this time I'll go to a high street shop. Wait, what!?!? Why am I suddenly a size 22 in this shop!? Oh, it's made in a different country, by a different manufacturer, blah blah blah.
So that's finding a size, that fits, out then.

Let's see if we can work out why women are so body conscious, shall we?

I actually have a drawer full of clothes, they mostly say size 18, yet they are all totally different sizes, which is utterly ridiculous. My aim is to fit into them, one at a time.

Honestly, being a woman, trying to lose weight, sucks!
Do men have this problem?
Do you think there should be an, obvious, universal sizing?

I, for one, will be gutted if I finally lose weight, walk into a shop, only to find I still need a size 18.


  1. If I weigh myself in different places in my house the readings can vary. They lie.
    That is a very good point about BMI. I hadn't thought of that before.
    I'm a size 16 from George at Asda, an 18 from Tesco and from New look I'm a size 20. lol
    It is so confusing and frustrating!

  2. I totally get you with this! If i move the scales at home an inch one way I will weigh different than if I move it an inch in the opposite way. Now I have put the home scales to the back of the cupboard. Dress sizes omg don't get me started! I hate clothes shopping purely because it leaves me feeling crap because I'll be one size in one shop then 2 sizes bigger in another! I always find that Next trousers are always too tight but they'd because I have bum and hips and that won't change! Hey ho rant over. You are beautiful regardless of size Mrs! Xxx

  3. Totally agree! When my husband was fit and young he was obese according to his BMI because he was all muscle, not an ounce of fat! Me, on the other hand am obese! I do weigh myself because I'm doing Slimming World too but best is to use a tape measure. Measure under your boobs (as that's easy to replicate) waist and hips. You'll see the inches go down. Good luck when your old clothes are baggy you know you're doing great xx

  4. Weight wise I can cheer myself up by standing on the scales just after a run, because it will look better - at least until I've had some water! I'm a fairly consistent size - 14 - and stilll am after losing a stone in weight! So what's that all about?

    I used to find that catalogue clothes were fairly consistently sized - perhaps to save on returns - but who uses catalogues now?

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