Monday, March 06, 2017

Meal Planning and Positivity

When I started this year, I was determined it was going to be a positive one. I was fed up of always feeling low, forgetting to look at the positives in my life. This year I am keeping my eyes wide open, and it's working!

Just this week my son got his place in university, he's in such a good place right now and, as a family, we're beaming. The attitude is rubbing off on the other boys, they are so much more relaxed and happy.

This week I lost more weight, gaining a little slimming world reward:
 I also treated myself to a manicure, I do love me time:

As you can see I'm also wearing my engagement ring, something that needed a little weight loss to achieve, next target is my eternity ring, to complete the set.

Back on to meal planning. Last week we stayed on plan, except for one day. Friday was a bit all over the place and we ended up doing a simple bolognese, still healthy and packed with vegetables, but simple and quick.

This weeks plan is sorted, just not to specific days. I've got a new Slimming world recipe book, so 2 of my meals are coming from there:

Here's this weeks plan (in no particular order):

Full English breakfast, for dinner
Devilled Cottage Pie with Champ mash (from book)
Roast beef dinner
Chicken curry
Lasagna (I will make it eventually!)
Gammon steaks with with sweetcorn succotash (from book)
Mash Pizza (basically mash as a base)

To go with this there will be lots of homemade soups and plenty of fruit, so a lovely healthy week planned. Below is one of the soups I made last week, a simple cauliflower soup, with 30g of cheese sprinkled over, when finished. Utterly delicious and totally on plan:

If you fancy some more meal planning ideas, click on the badge below and I hope you all have a positive week!
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  1. Well done with the positivity & well done to your son on the Uni place!
    Your nails look fab!
    The meal plan sounds great but I did have to Google what sweetcorn succotash was. It looks delicious! x

  2. I like that color! Looks really cool ;)

  3. Great nails and what a lovely time. The meals sound really good and healthy what a win win #mealplannigmonday

  4. You are doing great huni. I've got that book and it's great! The sausage and bean stew is soooo good! Thank you for joining in with #mealplanningmonday x


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