Monday, March 20, 2017

I'm Still Here!

Oops, I slipped again, didn't I?

I've had a lot on my mind, this past week. Nothing bad, or upsetting, just busy. Since requesting help for Ajax, and professionals actually listening, the appointments have been non stop.

There's been Hydrotherapy, his wheelchair being delivered, school meetings.........that's just this week! We have more advice on his toileting issues and a dietitian appointment coming. Add to that, the car had to be serviced, new hair colours for me, and a the day to day stuff, my mind has been elsewhere.

Today, my gorgeous boys chair turned up:

Let me explain my little boys need for this (I know I don't have to explain myself, but this blog would be pretty pointless if I didn't!). He CAN walk, he just struggles if it's any distance. He has hyper mobility, but not all over, just in certain limbs. His legs struggle and hurt if he does too much, his hands also ache. Add to that, he is also a sensory seeker. This means he likes to be in constant motion, being in a chair means he actually LIKES leaving the house. This is a big deal for us as a family, as getting him outside is a huge struggle.

A car ride with Ajax is the perfect way to show his sensory seeking. He has to have rock music on, really loud, the window has to be wide open, regardless of the weather. He also rocks and flaps the whole time. I often wonder what people would think, if they looked at our car (I don't actually care, I just wonder how mad we look!).


This week has also been a bit of a revelation to Mr. Ojo. He tried to walk a bit, while having the car serviced, he ended up suffering for days. It has made him realise that if we are going to go anywhere, he would be best using a wheelchair too. He enjoys the fresh air, but not the pain that comes with it! So going out as a family is going to be fun, 2 wheelchairs, 2 able bodied, we'll have our hands full!

My eldest son is packing his room up, ready to move out. Everyone expects me to be sad, that one of my babies is leaving, but I'm not. I simply think he's ready, it's time for him to spread his wings.

So, as you can see, my mind has been elsewhere.

I will leave you with the news that I am now 9lb down, in 4 weeks. I've had my colours done again:

Also a promise, that I will be back again soon, I won't forget Ojo's world!


  1. Good to see you and your colours and I love that you take that time out for yourself and something I have learned from with a little blonde would you believe it? I love how you keep on keeping on and to keep up to date with you and yours. I like the sound of your mad journeys - the way I would travel for sure if himself did not hate me playing loud music and insist on having the car windows closed on all but the hottest days. Good to catch up with you.

  2. 9lb is amazing and your hair is fantastic! Sounds like a busy but good week. Hope you do get out more now, it's never fun being stuck at home x

  3. Well done with the weight loss and your hair looks amazing!
    Good luck with the wheelchairs.:) x

  4. I can imagine how crazy you guys would look! A driver with mad colour hair, a lovable little guy rocking out in the back actually loving it. Bet it's a great site to see! Plus rock is a must! Glad his new wheels came, hopefully that will mean a lot of trips out in the summer even just a little local walk will be nice!


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