Friday, February 03, 2017

I Hate School!

There was a woman interviewed on This Morning, Thursday 2nd Feb, a home educator. As a nation we still know very little about it and, as expected, her whole story has been sensationalised. The tabloid press has decided to go with the story about her children playing video games 7 hours a day, which is an extremely narrow view of what she does. 

Yes, she does claim that her children spend a lot of time in front of a computer, but then, so do I! I think the whole point of home schooling has been massively missed. I know several in the blogging community that home school.

So now I'm chucking my 2 pennies in....I hate the school system.

Now, I don't dislike teachers, in fact the primary school that all 3 of my sons went to (one still going) has had some excellent teachers. My youngest is in a discreet class, that I cannot fault, within a school that has made sure he is catered for. We have a very good relationship, with excellent communication.

However, once they move on to secondary, the system fails them, badly. Every child is different, some more different than others. However, when you get to 11, apparently you are all supposed to fit into one box?!

My eldest son was absolutely ruined by his local Comprehensive, in my opinion. It's where his anxiety and depression sprouted from, and it's never left. He wasn't physically bullied, but put down and vilified on a daily basis. No matter how much you talk to the school, who have a 'strict no bullying policy' (bullshit), they won't do what is required. I know that this is mostly down to red tape and bureaucracy, but as a parent that is not good enough! 

My middle child is now going through the same school and is having similar problems, that have, previously, turned violent. The answer (bare in mind my child has high functioning ASD) is that he has to tell the deputy head EVERY TIME there is an incident. Shouldn't the teachers and other staff see it happening?! 

Again it's down to bureaucracy. The funding isn't there for supervision. I am sending my child to you, to be educated, not bullied. If he came to school with bruises, it wouldn't matter how poor I was, it would be reported and he would be removed from care

Then there is the actual education side, also a big fat failure, in my humble opinion. A class of 30 children are all taught at the same speed, in the same way. How can that possibly work? My son processes things in a different way, but has always been highly intelligent. Since starting the Comp, I've seen his grades slip. Who's fault is that? The teachers, or the system? 

Personally I think it's the system, once you leave primary, you lose the teaching assistants. They are a fabulous resource at primary age, they take the strain with the teacher and help breed individuality. Once you are at the next stage, the aim seems to be to stamp individuality out.

What is the answer? I honestly wish I knew!

To me, the only possible step is home schooling.
The system is broken, and everyone wants to pass the buck.

What do you think?
Maybe more of us should home educate, breed more individuality.


  1. Jo I have to agree with you. Our son isn't of school age yet but the prospect of his secondary schooling has been seriously worrying us, to the point my husband has looked into public school (private schools as I know them). I was shocked at the cost and they're just not feasible. So we've taken a drastic step which I'll talk to you privately about but this is for our sons future.
    A teacher friend of ours has admitted the school system here in the UK is fundamentally broken and she is seriously considering alternative options for her children's education. For a teacher to say this shows how bad things are.
    So I completely get where you are coming from and bravo to you for voicing your concerns here x

  2. Totally with you on this. The system sucks. And yes I think that the real problems begin at secondary, which is where we are headed right now. I'm dreading it :/

  3. I am already worrying about my children going to secondary school, partly because I had such a tough time myself. Secondary schools are so big and impersonal. I'm so sorry your children have had such a tough time. x

  4. I get panicked just thinking about sending my kids to secondary and as you know mine have a fair way off! I'm scared for them. I worry about no assistance, I worry about bullies which no school seems to be able to sort completely and if it stops at school they find another way..I think you've chosen right and maybe when my kids get to that age it's something we'll consider too x

  5. Comp has been personally brilliant for Jake he's got a lea with him all day he's doing amazing in his work he's never had a bad word said to him and generally loves school as much as he loved his last 2 years in the school we moved him too. he goes to lunch but earlier,has visual time table lea to read his tests to him and lways there for him he is in a discretionary class and I can't fault the school with my eldest is in SME achool and has social, communication and confident issues so he's in discreet class too and omg I'm sick of going up the school about bullying,he is on track grade wise but the select few put him down nd the deputy head hhmm well i see the head now lol xx


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