Sunday, February 19, 2017

Am I getting it right?

It may be a horrific case of PMT, or me over-thinking things, it has been known, but sometimes I wonder if I've got this parenting malarkey right?

I kind of flipped my lid yesterday. I had a lovely lazy Saturday, if you watch me on SnapChat you will know this is a common occurrence. I came downstairs to a complete tip, the 2 youngest were downstairs alone. The middle one was playing an Xbox game, the little one under his blanket playing with toys.

No one had eaten breakfast, stuff was everywhere, no brushed teeth or combed hair!? The eldest hadn't got out of bed!

They were meant to be going out, the mister was taking the middle boy to spend some of his birthday money in a music shop, the eldest was going down his girlfriends and the little one wanted to go for a ride. Would they shift themselves? NOT A BLOODY CHANCE!

I know that the youngest 2, thanks to their autism, struggle with organisational skills, but sometimes I think they are taking the piss!

Do you know the worst part? They still ended up going out!

I know I mollycoddled them, so this is just reaping what I sowed. Does that make me a failure? I'm not sure. They are still polite, considerate, thoughtful boys, around others. Don't most children do this to their mothers?

They have a great respect for women, I know my boys would never raise a hand unnecessarily to others. I know they have great respect for others, regardless of gender, race or religion. They are all smart, and quite artistic. So I know I'm doing something right.

Yet I am the parent that cooks different meals. I am the one that will stay up late to pick the teen up, because he can't be bothered to walk.
 Yes, I'm the parent that wants them to be happy.

Is that failing? Actually no!

It's doing it my way!
We all have our way of parenting, as long as we are bringing up productive, caring human beings.

How are you doing? Do you sometimes think you over-parent.

Well stop worrying, you're doing ok.

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