Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The New Year, so far..

As we saw in 2017, I wrote a post. It was called 'New Year, New Me', 3 weeks in I thought I would do an update.

Why so soon? Because January has to be the longest, dullest, greyest month of the year! It can't just be me who thinks that, surely? Which is why I feel it's harder to maintain your goals this time of the year.

I'm succeeding in mine, so far. My diary is filling up with appointments for Ajax, places I need to be, etc. However, this year it's also filling with things I want to do too. I've been to see a comedy show, I'm also off to see The Play That goes Wrong soon. I want to try and schedule in coffee with friends too, some of which I haven't seen for months, so that's next on my agenda in the coming weeks.

Food wise, it's a bit of a struggle, money is a bit tight at the moment. Where people get the idea that living on benefits is a walk in the park, I have no idea!? I am struggling, but my boys come first. As the 2 youngest have limited diets, I tend to plan around them and make sure the cupboards are full for them first. However, thanks to discount supermarkets like Aldi, I can throw together a mean curry for very few pennies!

I am still going to have to learn to give myself more time, allow myself to be tired sometimes. Although I am trying to work out most days, yes that does include being back at the gym & Zumba, I have successfully achieved both of those things so far. It's irregular, sometimes life just gets too busy, but it's happening.

Health wise, I've admitted I'm struggling, so a doctors visit was had today, more blood tests have been requested, so I'm expecting a change to my diabetes meds again and more iron tablets.

What more can I say?
Life is busy, but I'm trying my best.
Did you make any resolutions? Have you stuck to them?

Finally, I wish we could all live life according to this sign:

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