Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What's the difference?

Today was one of those rare days for our family, a day without appointments. When we get these days me and Mr. Ojo try to get our shopping done. Along with the shopping, we usually treat ourselves to a breakfast at the supermarket.

Whilst there, today, I saw something that got me thinking, then talking........then writing.

There was a couple sat, a few tables away from us, I would guess a few years older, possibly in their 60's. They were sat with their coffee, at a table for 2, each reading a newspaper.

Nothing wrong with that, you say?

No, there isn't.
However, would you have said the same......if they'd both been on their mobile phones/tablets.

What's the difference?

I actually had my phone on the table, it's always to hand because I often get phone calls from my sons schools. I wasn't looking at it particularly, we were eating and talking. I did take a look at my phone, as we finished eating, I took a peak at the news (the couple with the newspaper reminded me how 'out of the loop' I am). Me and my hubby then sat and passed the phone back and forth discussing said news.

Not TOTALLY IGNORING EACH OTHER as the other couple were. Now, I have now idea how busy their lives are or what normal circumstances are, for this couple. It just bugs me that people on their phone are instantly slated.

The only difference between a couple sat, years ago, reading a newspaper, and a couple reading the news now is technology. We have moved into a technological age where everything is on a mobile device.

We don't bat an eyelid at someone with a camera out. Years ago I had a Walkman, then a portable CD player, no one said anything about those either.

Yet if you look at your phone you are vilified! You are ignoring your children, you are basically the devil incarnate!?

So, again, the question is:

What really is the difference?

Why can't we sit with our phones when we have a quiet 5 minutes? What is so wrong with taking a break from the everyday grind? Yes, I like to play games on my phone, why is that different from the lady I saw today doing her crossword.

It frustrates me immensely, as you may have noticed, that I am judged simply because it's a phone.

Move on people, time has!


  1. There is no difference. I like to think when in a long relationship you can have time apart whilst sat together. That may be one doing a crossword and one reading a book, or both looking out the window watching the world go by. All the same xx

  2. There was a photo going round Facebook that showed the same thing - a row of people reading newspapers from 50 years ago and a row of people now on their phones...

  3. Yes! I totally agree with this - there is no difference. I think that it's one of those everything in moderation things - and surely as adults we are best placed to decide when checking our phones (for whatever reason) or reading the newspaper, is right for us!


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