Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Will we ever stop judging?!

I'm growing tired of one aspect of social media: The Parent Blame game.

Everywhere I turn there is another argument brewing, about how one groups parenting style conflicts with another. Breast feeding seems to cause the biggest stir! I fall into the 'non' side of the argument, surely feeding your baby is the most important, however you do it?

Just last night a fellow blogger friend had her account suspended on Facebook, simply for having a discussion about breast feeding. I've seen the discussion which, to me, seemed more of a blameless debate, not a hate filled rant!

It doesn't stop there though. People are constantly 'body shaming' others. We can't all be skinny models (who also get told to 'slim down' by the way), we can't all lose our baby fat, or excess weight we carry. There are also many that cannot gain weight, this is not a fault either. Mostly, we can't all be the same and life would be very boring if we did! Some people like curves, some don't, there is a match for everybody's taste out there, it's not up to us to judge. 

The older generation like to point fingers at the younger generation, for their love of technology. Does no one see the hypocrisy here?? It's your generation that started the invention of this technology!? Also, have you seen how many 'no ball games' signs there are? Have you seen our parks disappearing?

We get told off for keeping our children in, then told off for letting them run 'wild'. 

When did we all become so bloody perfect??

I like to cook fresh food, however, I cook different meals for my children. This would be deemed as a fail in some circles. I eat home cooked food, at a different time to my boys, yet I am overweight.........none of my children are! 
I am active, my boys activities vary, yet I am overweight

I didn't breast feed my boys, I had no milk on my eldest, with my middle boy my milk came in too late, he was already on the bottle. My youngest I did attempt it with, but after one week of sobbing in pain, with bleeding nipples, I had to give up. Apart from the Autism, my children are healthy. 
Does any of the above make me a failure? NO

It makes me human.

We cannot all be successful at everything.

Let's stop judging and try supporting!

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  1. I'm sure I was judgemental before I became a parent. Now that I understand special needs parenting a bit, I try not to be judgemental in any situation. Of course I still fail sometimes!


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