Saturday, May 14, 2016

It IS expensive!

This is one of those posts where I totally disagree with what everyone else says! 

As you know, I am desperately trying to lose weight. This is a lifelong thing for me, I've never been slim, I'm not a yo-yo dieter........I stay fat! It's affecting my health badly, but I really am, always, trying to do something about it (anybody that truly knows me, will know this is true).

It isn't simply a case of cutting out junk food completely, I don't agree with that theory, I think it gives the wrong impression to our children. I think a little of what you fancy does you good! It's about having some control over your food so you can enjoy a little treat, guilt free.

For me losing weight also includes exercise. I lose better (like this year, so far) when I work out. I've had an 'off' week this week, my hormones have gone haywire, since going past 40, and now I end up completely floored for a few days per month.

The thing about exercise: IT ISN'T CHEAP!

Let's address that: I am not saying where I live is rough, but I don't feel safe walking around, particularly in the evening, alone. Most of the cycling/walking trails in my area are off road, out of sight and not particularly well lit.

That's the other thing, cycling. I only learnt how to ride a bike a year ago, but there is no where off road and safe for me to cycle. If I wanted to go to a cycle path, I would have to drive to a set area, then go for a ride. I really don't feel comfortable driving with my bike attached, it's something I've never done. There is a perfect park near to me, I could walk my bike there, then ride, then walk back.........The gate is kept locked!? I can't cycle on the road yet, I am not stable enough, safe enough OR confident enough.

I don't have anyone to go with, so I would feel safer. My husband isn't physically able anymore. My children have their own interests, or problems. The only one that would come would be my middle child, and he get's bored very quickly. Anyone else, in all honesty, I would hold them back! I'm not fit yet.

So I can't walk or cycle locally, unless I walk the same field every day, let's be honest that's BORING. So what am I left with?

I am left with the gym, and fitness classes. I love my Zumba and I've found a gym that I enjoy, and feel comfortable. 

But let's not kid ourselves that it's cheap/free!


  1. I get put off exercise by the expense of it...It sounds like I live in an area like you. Ugh! Apart from walking the streets, dodging the dog poo everywhere else seems unsafe at night.
    My friend has just joined the local gym. £30 just to sign up and then £35 every month after. I haven't that type of money to spare.

  2. I can't afford the gym and my social anxiety prevents be attending classes. I get awfully bored trying to work out at home and alone too. I go for walks but they're not that long, in always dog poop dodging or on the main roads hate it, I'd love a bike but I hate riding on the road and it's similar in area to you, maybe safer though I don't know! I wouldn't go out at night anyway too paranoid lol xx


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