Monday, May 16, 2016

I WILL see it!!!

If you read me regularly you will know this, if you don't, here goes. I have terribly low self esteem. I don't dislike my life, I'm very happy and confident......except when it comes to my body. I truly hate my body.

I've worked hard this last year to make some REAL changes. I'm always on a diet, but now I'm changing my lifestyle totally. I eat at different times, I still have treats and off days, but mostly I focus on giving my body the food and exercise it needs.

Even with all the changes, I struggle to see any difference. Then, this morning I looked back at my memories on Facebook. It showed me a picture from a year ago, getting dressed for a friends wedding. I had bought myself a gorgeous Lindy Bop dress, and I felt fantastic. I even allowed some rare full length pictures. That is where I finally saw a difference!

This is exactly a year ago, compared to a few weeks ago:

I keep looking at it, almost trying to convince myself that I'm seeing wrong, that there is no difference! (Only people who really struggle with their weight will understand that negativity).

I will keep going, because I'm starting to look forward to what next year might bring.


  1. Nice one, I can definitely see the difference. Well done. xx

  2. I think you are looking fab! I can see a difference especially off your face and neck! You're doing great x


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