Friday, May 27, 2016


What does happiness look like in your house? A smile, a giggle? In my house, true happiness looks a little different.

This past term Ajax has been looking at pirates, in his class. He has loved it, even writing a story about it (and he hates writing!). So to finish of the theme, before their mid term break, they are having a pirate party. 

Once Ajax realised that others were dressing up, he was happy to do the same. So this morning he has dressed in a Captain Jack costume, highly unusual for him, he doesn't do dressing up because of the sensory issues. The tags annoy and scratch him, the Velcro causes him pain. We countered this by putting a lovely soft tee underneath (which had skulls on, to keep the theme).

The joy he felt going in was visible to all! He was skipping, flapping, rocking, bouncing, all the signs that he is absolutely the happiest he can be! (It's called stimming, where he is stimulated and needs to use his body to react to it).

One of the upsides of his autism is how visible his joy is. You can't help but smile when you see him like this. My heart swells to see him go to school this happy.

I am one proud mama this morning, who can't stop smiling.


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