Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Growing old together:

My relationship is often called 'perfect', people say they would love the relationship I have with my husband. What makes it so special though? We simply love each other, it's not like I have some magic potion.

Our wedding day, 1992

We've been together since 1989(?!), I was 16, he was 25. We were married 2 weeks after my 19th birthday, we are nearing a quarter of a century as Mr & Mrs. We've grown up together, and plan on growing old together. I thought I would share what makes US work.

Forget the past: We've never really talked about 'before'. We were both a little wild, but it made us who we were when we met. There's no point in petty jealousy about things gone by.

Complete Trust: If my husband is hiding something from me, it's usually a wonderful surprise, and that goes both ways. We both know that if the other is out and about there is no reason to fret, we simply wouldn't hurt each other.

Honesty: We don't argue, because there's no need. We've done our 'fiery' time, when we were younger. If we piss each other off now, we tell each other. I honestly believe that comes with age, I'm just too old for that crap, life's too short.

Accept that you'll change: But at the same time, don't expect to be changing someone. When I met Mr Ojo he was a hard drinking, hard living man, now he's a gentle giant that would give his world to his children and me. He's watched me change in many ways, but we just love the people we've become. 

Cherish each other: Remember that compliments go a long way, both ways. My husband is still a handsome man that makes me go weak at the knees, and is always throwing random compliments my way. We get to go away, a couple of times a year, without children. We know they are safe with my mum (and my 18yo), so we get to be a couple. Make those times count! They are so important.

You're allowed to like different things: I'm sat here typing this, Mr. Ojo is watching Ripper Street. Neither of us would choose to swap! We don't like the same music, I love to read Mr. Ojo loves sudoku and number puzzles. I've never done a crossword in my life, he loves them. If you accept the things you don't do together, the thing you do together become more special.
Our 23rd wedding anniversary, last year.
Do you have any tips, for what makes a good relationship? Anything you would like to ask us?

No relationship is perfect, but you make it perfect for you. Wouldn't you agree?


  1. I love this post. As someone who is approaching 30 years married, I totally get what you say. I think the secret is to realise that you have to excuse each other's foibles and realise that even if things change, you still have each other.

  2. Aww! How lovely! You are a perfect couple...I love the photos x
    I've been with my fella 10 years next month and it seems a lot longer. hehehe You are right. Our relationship is far from perfect but it is for us :D


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