Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Celebrating Successes

Sometimes, when parenting children with Autism, it's the little successes that are huge. This is why they deserve to be celebrated.

It started Sunday, the dreaded food shop. I never take Ajax shopping, I either do it while he's in school or after he's gone to bed, when the 18yo is home. We were resembling old mother Hubbards cupboard though, so it had to be done, and neither of the teens were awake. I always shop at Tesco, using their little, hand-held, scanners. Who knew they would keep Ajax so focused that he would sail through a shopping trip?! 
For the whole shop (and it was a big family shop) he helped scan every item, reading the item and the cost, watching the price go up in shock! He only started to get fractious towards the very end. However, thanks to packing as we go, it was a quick exit. 

I am so proud of my little boy. At 8 years old, that was his first completely successful food shop AND he wants to go again! 

This morning, Tuesday, started in the usual chaotic way. The first day back of any week is incredibly hard, my youngest teen always starts the week in a hugely negative head space. However, he normally comes home OK, because it's a return to routine. This week was unusual, too, because of the Bank holiday weekend, which meant an extra day at home, more routine change. 
Ajax would never go to school again, given the choice! It's not that he doesn't like it, it just means leaving the house, something he hates doing (we are working on it though).

So today started rough. To give you an idea, because of sensory issues, there were 3 sock changes! On top of the extended weekend, he also had an extra 2 days off before, because of 'visitors' in his hair (which was surprisingly easy to deal with! His sensory stuff never makes sense). So, on top of 5 days off and sensory issues............He had to go back to 3 weeks of swimming lessons, every afternoon, with the school. You cannot even imagine how much head work this morning was!

I had no idea how he would take to swimming. I also had no idea how he would take to the special trunks we had to make him wear, or the verruca sock. Yes, the poor bugger has a one of those too!

Would you believe, he loved it?!

The teachers looked as relieved as me, when I picked him up!

I had decided to opt out of going to the pool to help change him. I discussed it with the teachers in the morning, they were ok with cleaning him up, if it was required. I had the sense to put talc in, to help make the changing easier. Turns out that was a good idea, as he did most of it himself.

So, at the end of the day, all my children came home pretty happy. The biggest boy said his day had been a bit rubbish, and that he ended up chilling in the library. At this point I reminded him that a couple of months ago, going to the library would have sent him into a spin. So that was a huge achievement for him too!

My boys have made me so ridiculously proud today.

I feel like that was worthy of a post.


  1. Definitely worthy of a post! And it's great that you've found a way to bring Ajax shopping, he's getting out of the house and getting a sense of achievement hopefully too. Fingers crossed the rest of the week goes well xx

    1. It turns out it's a good way to teach him about money too! x

  2. Well done your boys! It is definitely worthy of a post!
    I shop with Tesco but only online....My youngest has heard about the scanners and thinks they sound like great fun....She wants me to go to the actual Tesco shop. Such a shame the nearest one is about 20 miles away and we don't drive x

    1. They are great fun! Both my youngest boys love them x

  3. well done to both boys, it's a big achievement x


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