Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Thoughts and Ponderings: Too Much?

Have you noticed the trend? Everything seems to be bigger, better, louder. Why do we always want more?

As an example, yesterday I bought an ice cream maker, so I'm looking for easy recipes. A simple task, you would think! Oh no, I ended up reading a few, then making up my own!

Everything wanted loads of ingredients which weren't really needed for a simple chocolate ice cream. In the end I used (all lactofree) 500ml milk and cream (half and half), a good dessert spoon of sweetener and a dessert spoon of choc shot (a natural chocolate sauce, available in most UK supermarkets). Half an hour in the ice cream maker I had a delicious, soft, ice cream.

Why would I need to add more?!

Everything we have, there always seems to be a craving for more. Our TV's have to be bigger and clearer. Our phones have to do far more than make a call. Even something as simple as a watch has to be bigger and flashier, and do more than tell the time.

I'm not saying it's a bad thing, technology moves, we move with it. I'm quite a gadget nut myself, my watch is a fitbit!

I do think some things have become too much, like make up. Now you have to contour, shade, flick. I feel out of place with a little bit of lippy and some eyeliner, and I barely wear that most days!

I'm a fan of simple, I'm not embarrassed to say.

What about you? Are you starting to feel like you are falling behind the times, like me?

Do I just need to get out more?


  1. Yes! I feel like this too!
    I don't get that there has to be more to everything. I like things simple and straightforward.
    I watch some beauty bloggers and thing what the...Life is too short to be messing about contouring and things like that. lol

  2. I got a shock when I tried to buy some beer recently and it was only available in bottles that must be twice the size of 20 years ago!


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