Saturday, April 30, 2016


I've held off from writing this for a while now, because it's a bit icky. However, if it makes one person out there feel that they are not alone, then it's a good thing.

(Also for future reference, little A will be known as Ajax, from her on in! He's not that little anymore)

I've believed for a long time that Ajax has Sensory Processing Disorder, along with his autism. He doesn't just struggle with things like hair cuts (he gives my hairdresser a right workout!), he struggles with clothing, most food. The list goes on, it's become so normal for us I can't even remember all the things we've changed for him!

The thing that no one talks about though, is the bowel movements. He hates the feel of pooping. I think it must have hurt once, now he refuses to let them out at all. This has left him totally compacted, to the point that he constantly leaks. In easy to understand terms, there is now a large bowel movement stuck inside, and liquid is constantly leaking around it as he has no control.

At 8 years old, he has to be back in pull ups (nappy like pants), permanently. He also has to be on a form of laxative for 9 months. His bowel movements need to be kept soft, so that his back passage can return to a normal shape. 

Unfortunately, he still doesn't want to let it out and is panicking when he can feel things happening. We are trying to work out how to get around this. Basically we just have to keep telling him it's ok and hope that it doesn't hurt when it does come out.

If you have a child with SPD, don't panic. They feel things very differently to you and I. Ajax can't cope with some silly little noises, but loves AC/DC blasting in the car! It isn't normal, but it's not strange or weird either. Just different.

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  1. Bless him. Little I used to do this but thankfully after a year she grew out of it. But I feel for you both, I understand how frustrating it is trying to make them understand they need to let it go and that the more they hold it in the more it'll hurt. It is so hard for everyone. Hope nature takes its course and you both get some relief xx

  2. Aww! Bless you! I really feel for you....
    We have issues with my 8 year old and her pooing! Well not exactly her pooing. She poo's great! Every day at about 4pm but she refuses to wipe her own bum. It's disgusting she says.

  3. Ummm yes this is Alexander all over. He has SPD. Constant faecal leaking many Bowel blockages on meds and been on huge amounts in the past. He's 6 nearly 7 refuses any pull up so we throw lots of pj and pants away. His Bowel has been so overstretched in the past. He hates the toilet he meltdowns 99% of the time. Resulting in him needing a colostomy bag even though his Bowel is now healthy. Hard work very frustrating when I no he can do it.

  4. Sending you both big hugs. Zak suffers from severe constipation, it upsets me when he is struggling. I hope that you both get some relief. It's difficult for all xxx

  5. We haven't had this problem yet, but I can see how easily it might happen as our girl would be scared of anything that might hurt her and would refuse - just like she refuses medicine, no matter how many times we try to explain it might help. Really feel for you, so difficult but hope it passes smoothly and time makes things easier. I sometimes try and think ahead - as in, it's unlikely he'd get to 20 and still have that problem, so somewhere along the way things will change. But I know that doesn't help you right now, so sending hugs xx

  6. I hope it does get better. I didn't know children suffered like this. Hugs to you all xx


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