Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Colouring your hair

You may have noticed, if you follow me across social media, that I love to colour my hair.

I was one of those rare people that went grey very young. By my early 20's I was white all over, weirdly I now have darker hair at the back of my head!? I was dying my hair fairly natural colours, back then, mainly because 'out there' colours weren't available. Even then I was a big fan of plum type colours though!

Gradually reds started to be a part of it, then, in recent years, the real fun colours started. I rarely do my own hair these days, I have a fabulous hairdresser (you can find her here) that loves to play with my colours, because she knows I'm aware of the problems that can arise.

So here's a few nuggets of advice I would give:

Most important, find a hairdresser you trust! If you are going to do this, you want someone who will be open about the pitfalls of colour.

Don't expect to get the 'rainbow' hair on the first attempt. That stuff is hard to perfect, until you know what colours your hair will accept.

If your hairdresser says he/she can't do it without giving your hair a conditioning treatment first, LISTEN TO THEM. They are not saying it to make money, they mean it. If you then go home and attempt it yourself, more fool you. Honestly.

Don't expect the colours to stay the same! Did you know that purple can fade to green? No, neither did I. My last colour was pink and purple, same product, same head, just different colours.

It wasn't long before the purple faded, but the pink stayed exactly the same!

Excuse the quality!

I wasn't upset, because I understand what can happen. It's no good complaining to your hairdresser, however good they are, they cannot magically predict how your hair will react.

Just remember, that when it doesn't work out, it's not the end of the world. However, when it goes right:

It's Heaven!

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  1. I love your hair....The purple is my fave.
    I have dark brown hair with lots of grey coming through so whatever colour I dye it, it doesn't last long. I did have it bright red once and loved it but it was so hard to keep it red.


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