Thursday, January 28, 2016

Reasons to be Cheerful

I'm actually struggling to work out what to write today, how to start this blog post. I'm still so exhausted all the time, my head is in a funk and my blogging mojo is MIA. 

For those that joined in last week, with the bloghop, I will catch up my reading. Promise. I've never missed them before, I'm a little mortified!

Anyway, on to this weeks:

1. Weight loss. I'm not ready to share my story yet. However, lets just say I'm having HUGE successes. As a good friend said to me 'this is going to be my year'.

2. Good food. Mr. Ojo and I are thoroughly enjoying cooking our meals together. They have been healthy, nutritious and delicious.

3. Birthday plans. We have booked up RJ's birthday presents. A speedboat trip down the Thames, thanks to a competition win, a 2 night stay in London with Mr. Ojo and a tour of the Emirates. He is over the moon. His birthday was a couple of weeks ago, but he has to wait til half term to go. He will be bouncing of the walls by the time it comes! 
This weekend coming is little A's birthday, I'm sure I'll find time to write about that separately.

So that's me this week. I'm off to the Doc's today to see if I can get some answers, that doesn't involve MORE medication. 
Please join in, I'll have a good reading catch up.


  1. A speedboat trip down the Thames sounds an amazing prize! :)

  2. Ohh! It sounds like the weight loss is going well!
    Lucky RJ! A speedboat trip down the Thames sounds amazing!
    I hope you feel better soon x

  3. Very inspiring reasons. Congratulations on your speed boad race that will be so much fun! You meal looks so yummy. Well done on your weight loss every once is a success. Enjoy the process


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