Thursday, January 21, 2016

Reasons to be Cheerful

I know I'm not about much, these days, but I did warn that I don't have much to say! I don't seem to do much, I'm afraid.

I would never be without this post though, it reminds me that even the smallest things can produce joy.

1. Frosty mornings. I know it seems strange, to be grateful for this, but I'm a big fan of the crisp, cold, weather. I don't do well in the sun, and am nearly always too hot, this means I quite like being cold! It also helps to get little A out of the house, to school. He loves the slippery walk to school, and loves seeing his sand box filled with ice (he was smashing it with a hammer this morning, before going to school).

2. Aches and Pains. Another odd one, however, I am thankful because it means I've been working hard at Zumba, and that it's working. I've done 3 days in a row this week, and absolutely loved it! 

3. Thinking Slimmer. It's taken a while, listening to slimpods every night, but the changes are now noticeable! I've not eaten a packet of crisps in weeks, this NEVER happens. I don't eat food for the sake of it anymore, I eat because I'm hungry, and thoroughly enjoy it. That is a huge progression for me, food finally doesn't control my life, it's just an enjoyable part of it.


So that's me done, now it's up to you.
It was lovely to see so many joining in last week, lets spread the word and get our friendly blog hop growing.

If you don't blog, you can still share your reasons, across social media, or as a comment below. 
I love hearing what's making you smile.


  1. Loving your Reasons to be cheerful! They are all just proof of how even the most obscure things mean that we're ok! :)


  2. Ditto re the frosty mornings, much more preferable to getting soaked and muddy.
    I had a not brilliant diet-wise day yesterday, hopefully better today. Well done on the Zumba x

  3. we love the cold too! Well done on the slimpods I seem not to be as strongly influenced by them... Post exercise aches are the best!

  4. That's such a breakthrough if you feel food has lost its control over you, and so glad you're still enjoying the Zumba. As for the frosty mornings? Well they have their uses when you're a woman of a certain age (ahem) but other than that, I don't like the cold -- or the heat!!!


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