Thursday, January 07, 2016

Reasons to be Cheerful

Hosting is back with me for the month, after being in the very capable hands of Lakes Single Mum, for the end of last year.

I get to see in the new year with my happy crowd! I'm not doing the whole new year, new me thing. I'm still the same old me, back to my healthy eating habits now Christmas is over (although I didn't particularly overindulge this season).

Anyway, on with the first reasons post of 2016:
Ojo's World

1. Finding a good vet! I know this made it into last week, but this week it's almost like having my old dog back. He's full of life and energy, only 1 more week and I can walk him again!

2. Bargain hunting. Me and Mr. Ojo popped to Ikea, this week, for a chest of drawers..............and left with a cooker too! I do love a bargain, and my cooker was on the way out (it was becoming a safety issue). We got the oven for £120 and the hob for £60! How brilliant is that. Now I need a cake tester....

You can see that my old cooker was burning my cupboard!

3. Good Ideas. I had to take my Christmas fire surround down this week. It's basically just cardboard boxes, decorated to look like a traditional fireplace, but it so adds to the magic. We miss it when it's gone though, and wanted to put a real fire surround up. However, after spending our money on reason no. 2, we can't afford it! 
With a bit of thought, and a shelf, I'm left with this:

I love it! A nice place to put my candles, out of reach.

So that's the stuff that is making me smile, this week. What has helped start your 2016 with a smile?
Come share with me, across all social platforms, I love reading them!


  1. Very glad that your dog is okay again and your cooker is safe! And those candles look very pretty and hopefully you can enjoy them all year round now xx

    1. The candles are lit far more often now, it's lovely! x

  2. Got to love a bargain! I am glad Christmas is packed away and things are being restored ;-) Hope your fur baby continues to recover.

    1. He's doing awesome, more steps in my future xx

  3. aww, glad your dog is feeling better - Happy New Year!

    1. He's very lively, it's wonderful! Happy new year to you, too x


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