Monday, January 18, 2016

Project 366 1-18

I'm trying to encourage myself to take more photographs. I don't pick my camera up, or the camera on my phone, nearly enough. 

There is a great link up running, called project 366, which is a photo a day, for the whole year. I have decided this is the year I will join in. 

Obviously I have a bit of catch up to do, and I haven't taken a picture every day, but this is us, so far:
1. A healthy start to the new year 
2. A new diary, to mark my daily postives

3. Got to love a boiled egg!

4. Love my chicken Tikka
5. My version of a fry up
6. My sky blanket, so far
7. Got to love a selfie
8. Delicious, home made, curry.
9. More food! Homemade turkey meatball casserole

11. A boring chicken salad

12. Reminding myself of how cute my, now, teen was!

13. After weeks of being poorly, we finally got him out for a walk.
14. I actually got this one to have a haircut, it was not easy!

15. How perfect is that egg?!

17. This is the AFTER pic of my healthy ice cream, it was good!

18. This little soldier had a physiotherapy appointment.
He was awesome, especially loving the waiting room!
Only 2 days I haven't taken photographs, not bad seeing as I wasn't planning on joining in originally.

I shall do the post as a weekly thing, I'm just not sure what day yet.

TheBoyandMe's 366 Linky


  1. Fab photos! You have done so well in catching up! It's a great challenge. I joined in last year and I am this year too.
    Ohhh! So much yummy food! That is a perfect egg!

  2. Welcome to 365/366. Some lovely foodie photos. Yes that egg is perfect!

  3. wow so many yummy looking food photos. I only eat the yolk of an egg I don't like the white. Another sky blanket to watch grow, going to be an interesting year for watching these.
    Welcome to the project you will soon be as addicted to it like the rest of us.

  4. Loving watching all of these sky blankets take shape. I am now feeling very hungry after all the food pics. I am due to take Tyrus for a haircut, but I keep putting it off!

  5. Love the food pics, I can tell that I am going to enjoy your round up post each week. Love your pink hair, it is my favourite colour for you.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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