Saturday, January 09, 2016

My Sunday Photo

I'll be honest, I didn't over indulge this Christmas, I think this is a LOT to do with my slimpod (Click on the thinking slimmer badge, on my main page, for more info).

However, this week, I've taken my healthier eating to a new level. Thanks to instagram I've got a lot of new ideas for food.

So this week, it's lots of yummy food pics!
Sage and onion Turkey meatballs, with vegetables

Chicken and Vegetable curry, all made from scratch, no processed food.

Chicken and vegetables, stir fried in garlic and ginger.

A healthy snack of rice cakes, peanut butter and banana
I've loved cooking again, and finding delicious flavours in healthy food. I will be writing a lot about my journey to get healthy this year. I find a lot of 'healthy' foods are either full of sugar, or have ingredients I wouldn't use!

So if you want basic, easy, delicious food take a look at my instagram feed, in the coming months.


  1. A very healthy start to the New Year - I think I need to do something similar, despite being remarkably restrained (by my standards) over Xmas.

  2. Well done Jo! These really do look like very healthy meals. I look forward to seeing what else you come up with #mysundayphoto

  3. These all look wonderful and healthy Jo with really appealing flavours, after too many indulgent foods I really need to get back to this, just got to polish off those last few chocolates first!

  4. Hi Jo, you're making me hungry and I've not been up that long! The chicken and vegetable curry looks tasty as does the stir fry.


  5. Well done to you! Your curry and stir fry look delicious!
    I've been eating rice cakes for years (as wheat does agree with me much), but now I'm sick to the back teeth of them! I have them with cheese or peanut butter, but I can barely swallow them any more! Need to find an alternative.

  6. When I had gestational diabetes I was shocked by just how much sugar foods contain - good luck x

  7. Ooh get you with your proper meals! They look gorgeous, I'm almost feeling inspired...

  8. Oh all that food looks really delicious. Home made food is very nice isn't it?

  9. Ohh wow! All of that food looks delicious! Yum! x

  10. This looks very healthy!! I've started the slimpod project for 12 weeks since January so I'm looking forward to see some results! :-) xx

  11. Well done on sticking healthy over Christmas. That's certainly willpower. All of those dishes look my type of food. I've got some turkey so really should mince it for meatballs which I love. I wish the OH would eat stir fry and be happy with more chicken, then I'd have a lot more choice of what to make - ie the foods I really love.

    Glad to hear the slimpod's working for you. I failed totally using them. They made me hungrier and I ended up eating more

  12. Delicious! Love meatballs in fact I think tomorrow is going to be turkey meatballs xxx


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