Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Back to Normal?

So it's all back to school this week, the trimmings are packed away for another year, life goes back to normal.

But what's normal?

2 of my boys went back yesterday. 
RJ was very close to meltdown, unorganised and unhappy! I got him there just on time, with a face like thunder. He came out of school absolutely fine, routine has returned, he's happy.

KJ was up, and out of the door, also glad of routine. His mood did not stay that way. 'Head up his a**e' is how I would describe his mood, for the part of the evening he was home. I know he suffers with his anxiety, and he has said I can write about it, but JEEZ he's bloody hard work in that mood.

Little A had teacher training. Gawd forbid, we made him LEAVE THE HOUSE! Yeah, he was not happy about that.

Then today, they were ALL back in school. RJ was organised, on time and in a good mood. 

KJ, on the other hand, is still in bed at the time of me writing this: 4pm. Me and Mr. Ojo have tried all day to wake him, unsuccessfully. He hasn't surfaced, even though we've drilled walls and had a gas fitter in for our cooker! Hopefully his mood will improve.....Yeah, right!

Little A was close to meltdown this morning. He loves his little class in primary, he is more settled than ever before. However, after a very relaxed Christmas (we have really tried to chill it out, and make it less stimulating, this year), he wasn't ready to go back AT ALL.

Luckily, his teacher can read him really well. As she spotted him, hesitantly, walking in, she came out to meet him. Explain that today would be more relaxed, more lego, less work. He went in fairly easily, although he has come out unhappy, not telling me why yet. He's walked through the door, stripped off, and is currently hiding under a quilt!

We have had tears for various reasons today. Little A was in tears, this morning, because RJ will become a teenager next week!?

I'll never fully understand an autistic brain, but I can adapt to it. I can listen to him and workout what he is feeling / thinking about / worrying about. 

My days are spent dealing with tears, near meltdowns or full on meltdowns. I am constantly on call with both schools. Little A is suffering toileting problems again, that can be really hard to deal with!

Just remember that everyone has a different normal. 
My normal is exhausting sometimes!


  1. It sounds like you have had a stressful couple of days....I think it will take us a couple off weeks to get back to our normal...Today my girls went back to school and they are shattered....My youngest is on her way to bed now at half six...lol

  2. hope things get easier as the week goes on xx

  3. Hi Ojo, a change of routine can be disrupting enough for most people, but for someone on the autistic spectrum is even harder. Having a son with Aspergers (with the extras), I know exactly where you are coming from. Constantly watching for signs of stress whilst trying to motivate him and teach him is no easy task.

    Hopefully things will settle back into a routine for you and your family soon.



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