Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful!

It's the last one of the year! 

Becky at Lakes Single Mum is seeing the year out, I shall be taking over hosting next week, seeing in the new year.

So What's my Reasons this week?
Reasons to be Cheerful

Finding a good vet. I've taken my dog to 2 other vets, in his 9 years. This new one (which has actually been in our town for many years), was a godsend. They saw my dog Tuesday, operated on him Wednesday, and had him home to me that afternoon. Even though he has a drain in, until Monday, he is looking better already. I'm hoping to have my dog back to his old self again soon:

My blog. This year I have loved my blog. It has been a place to express myself, to vent, to share how much I love the people around me. I think I will always have this little corner of the internet, whether people read it or not!

My family. We have spent so much time laughing, loving and being in each others company, this festive season! Little A has played non stop, RJ is loving his presents this year (especially guitar hero live) and KJ has spent time with friends (A huge thing for him!).

I really hope your year has been as blessed as mine, if not, I hope next year is! 

Please, whatever you are doing New Years Eve, stay safe. 
You have been wonderful to me this year!
Thank you.

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