Friday, December 18, 2015

Radio Silence

I'm not being big headed (although it's my blog, so I can if I want to!), but there are people that follow my blog and wonder where I am if I don't post regularly.

So this is sort of an apology, there will be some radio silence over the next couple of weeks.

Let me explain why:

We have the obvious one: IT'S CHRISTMASSSSS!

There is more to it than that though. I've explained many times how hard my children find this time of year, I'm not going talk about it again, keeping them calm is most important right now.

It's not that it takes a lot of work, in fact it's all about chilling out as much as possible, but that can be surprisingly exhausting. Mentally, I'm drained by bed time, which is mostly when I blog.

Even today, my youngest was supposed to be going to the panto, with school. It was already decided that I would be going, but I was going to take the car, in case he hated it. He then decided he wanted to go in the car too.

By the time we had got to town, he was flat out refusing to go, because it would be too loud, he couldn't run etc etc. His anxiety levels were going up, so I end up driving for a while, with his favourite songs playing to calm him down. 

So I have days of that, keeping him calm before Santa comes. Then we shall be building LOTS of Lego!

After that, biggest boy turns 18!

What, really?! But I'm not old enough.......

Yup, I will have an 18 year old on Boxing Day.

18 years ago I was pacing the wards of a hospital, waiting for my late baby (who's never been on time for anything since, it was definitely an omen)

I will find time to write a post for him, but I just wanted to share why I may be a bit quiet.

So I'm taking the time now to wish you, my beautiful readers, a very merry Christmas. May it bring you all you wish, whatever that may be.

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