Monday, November 30, 2015

What would you have done?

Yesterday I was doing a favour for someone, that involved driving into Cardiff City. I don't mind driving to Cardiff and, having no one in the car with me for a change, I enjoyed the peace.

I was listening to music, singing my heart out.

As I got to the flyover (If you don't know Cardiff, it's a sort of bridge, that avoids the big roundabout, if you're going in to the centre) I turned my music down. It's a difficult drive, and needs my full concentration.

That's when it happened.

There was a man, stood at the highest part of the bridge, trying to pull himself over. He was attempting to end his own life.

I actually screamed 'NO' as I realised what he was doing.

I couldn't stop. I would've been putting myself, and others in danger.

I had to drive on. Trying to work out what the hell I should do!

It was then I saw another gentleman had stopped his car, in a safe place, and was running back to the man. 

By then I was in tears, still with no idea what I should do. Unbelievably there were 2 police officers on patrol and a car, in front of me, stopped and informed them.

They then started running towards the flyover too, whilst relaying information, I presume, to others. 

By the time I had made it closer to the City, I had seen two police vehicles heading the same way.

I still kept bursting into tears, I got lost going the way I always go. I did get to the fellow blogger I was doing a favour for, then I had to make it back.

I was dreading going back to the flyover. What would I find? Would it be closed of because the man was still there, or worse, been successful.

I was back there within 30 mins, thankfully it was all clear. Obviously they had talked him down, if anything else had happened the road would still be closed.

I still kept bursting into tears. I got my husband on the phone, hands free, so he could help calm me down. Thanks to him, I made it home ok.

Did the man though? 
Did he realise that someone loved him?
I hope someone told him they cared.

I still feel so guilty for not stopping. It disturbed my sleep all night last night.

What would you have done?

Please, if you see someone you know struggling, let them know you care. Get them help.

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