Monday, November 02, 2015

What is the Country Coming to?

The past week has been quite hellish, if I'm being honest. The teen had some trouble with older boys Saturday, although not physically harmed, it was a terrifying experience for us all. It took longer than 12 hours for the police to respond! 
Their reason? They are short of staff. 

What is our country coming to, when a 17 year old can't walk the streets he, and his parents, grew up in, safely!?

I have promised my son not to say much, because there were threats of retribution. Without police back up, I am abiding by those wishes. Thankfully, it has not sent him back hiding in his room. He is out with friends, and not letting idiots ruin his life. I am incredibly proud of his bravery, and his friends support.

This topped off the week where my husband was declared fit for work............even though he can't sit for long, stand for long, is in constant pain, that's as well as other, internal, issues he had. Even the woman we spoke to at our local JobCentre+ couldn't understand it?!

It makes you wonder what the government is up to, doesn't it? They are claiming expenses for people to clean their pools, calling female sanitary products a 'luxury' and generally living off the land, while the average Joe is suffering!

We have never had need to claim anymore than others, on a low income. We were both working, until 8 years ago. Then my life changed (for the better), as little A came along and needed more support. My husband and I have been together for 26 years, and have pretty much worked the whole of our life together (there were times when we didn't, but they were spread out, and then rectified).

We have spent most of our adult lives working, paying in to the state, often in jobs we hated............for what??

For the local police force to suffer so many cutbacks that it's not safe to walk the streets. 
For medication, and medical help, to be restricted.
For a desk jockey, who's never met my husband, to disagree with all the other doctors and consultants my husband is involved with.
For my sons education, and care, to be compromised and constantly assessed.

It is very easy to give up, when you are governed by people so separated from the reality of 'normal' people.

But what can be done?
Can you actually guarantee it would be better anywhere else.

This country is falling apart.

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