Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tough Days

If you are a regular reader you will have noticed I haven't written anything for a couple of days, which is quite unlike me.

I'm afraid my negativity has taken over.
I am feeling negative about my body.
Negative about my health.
My failing body, in this cold weather, is another negative.

Then today came along and reminded me how tough I still am. How much I can actually cope with, with ease actually.

RJ had his electric guitar grade 3 exam today, roughly the same time as Mr. Ojo's physio appointment. Dropping the mister off to catch a bus was horrible. I know he's ok, but I like to be there. Like me, he would prefer I put the children first though.

I picked a very nervous RJ up, from school, to take him to his exam. I was incredibly proud of myself for calming him right down, even making him laugh, by the time we got there. When we were there, he practised, played games with me on my phone. He was nervous, but not 'high anxiety' levels, by the time he got in.

He nailed it. I did record him playing, but I couldn't go in with him, so all you can see is doors, I don't think you want to watch doors! Hubby managed to get back to the exam centre just in time to hear him play too. 

After a spot of lunch, he was dropped back to school. It doesn't sound like much, but keeping him calm can be mentally exhausting. So I was looking forward to a relaxing couple of hours, before school finished.

Just as we put on a film, and cwtched up........The phone rang. 

It was little A's school. 

Every Tuesday his class, and the other classes in the special needs part of the school, goes to outdoor pursuits. This is so good for little A, as he doesn't like going out. It's also good, as they can see his physical limits, this will help for future physio appointments he's waiting for, it won't just be my word that he is struggling.

 Unfortunately, one of the people that takes the course was sick, so it was cancelled. Change in routine is a BIG no no, not just for little A, also for a couple of others in his class.

It sent him to the 'sensory tent' they have, in class, where he refused to come out. The teacher got in there with him, and comforted him, but he was beside himself (her words). To top it off, he lost his Blu-Tak, that stuff is his lifeline, the thing he uses to self soothe. 

Thankfully I am always available, so I went to see him and ended up bringing him home (the head teacher also found some more Blu-Tak)

We managed to create a little sensory area at home too, as he found this so helpful. So I shall be spending some time looking at ideas for it, that are suitable for his age group.

So even though my health is getting on my nerves, and my hips and ankles are hating this cold weather AND I hate how big my stomach remains.

Despite all this I still rock.
I am awesome at some things.

Remind yourself of the things you rock at, the next time life gets you down.

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