Friday, November 20, 2015

The Sky Blanket 2016

I've fallen in love with crochet again. I was taught the basics when I was quite young, but it wasn't 'cool' enough, so I lost the skill. In the last couple of years I've started crafting a lot more, and crochet was something I picked back up (I'm no longer cool, so it didn't matter).

I still only know the basics, polished thanks to YouTube. I can throw together an untidy granny square fairly quickly and will be found, most evenings, under a massive blanket I'm making. 

Then I read about a fantastic idea a couple of bloggers/crochet addicts have had: A Sky Blanket (If you want to know more, click HERE). 

I've decided to go with Crochet, as I find it so utterly relaxing. I'm going to do a granny square, each day of 2016, that matches the colour of the sky. I'm going to go with different times of the day, because I love the idea of sparkly black, for clear nights, or vibrant oranges and reds for sunset.

I know this will result in an enormous blanket, but I don't care! We do love a snuggly blanket in this house, as my current project shows:

If you would like to join in, go to the page I've tagged above, let them know you're interested and they'll let you know what's going on. I don't think this is open to bloggers only, just anyone with a love of crochet, knitting, quilting........anything really! If you want to see how the other bloggers involved are doing, click the badge at the bottom of this post.

I shall let you share any suitable wools I find, and my progress through the year. 

Can't wait to get started!
sky blanket

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