Thursday, November 26, 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful

I haven't written much this past week, and when I do it tends to be late at night. Real life is really busy at the moment, and the run up to Christmas tends to be hard for little A and RJ, because of changes in routine, particularly in school.

I couldn't possibly miss this one though, especially as it's time to pass the host reigns back to the very capable hands of Becky, from Lakes Single Mum, for the month of December.

1. RJ passed his grade 3 in electric guitar exam. He was supposed to take this exam in May, but he chipped a bone in his thumb just before it. Unbelievably, he fell and sprained his thumb last week! However, my awesome boy, even with a sprained thumb, passed it. Proud doesn't cover it.

2. Xmas trimmings. I'm sick of feeling run down and exhausted. I'm sick of bad news, from across the world. A little bit of sparkle in my little home was needed. So I threw caution to the wind, and put my decorations up!

3. Nearly finished my dress, in sewing class. Not only that, I'm enjoying sewing class again! I look forward to each week. Hoping this dress will fit properly, and I can show you the finished product next week.

So there is my reasons, join in with yours. I got around to commenting on you all this week, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you. I also love it when people let me know what is making them smile across social networks, so bring it on.

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