Thursday, November 19, 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful

Half way through November and the weather is finally turning. It's full of rain and blustery winds down here, in the South of Wales. 

I think after the horrific news reaching us, from all over the world, we are left with a bitter taste in our mouths right now. I don't want to seem flippant, writing about things that made me smile, but this weekly post is a personal one. As much as I've been affected by the news, life, in it's simplest day to day way, has to continue.

That being said, here are this weeks:

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1. RJ hasn't broken his thumb! I was in sewing class yesterday, when I got the phone call. RJ had fallen again and hurt his thumb, the same thumb he chipped a bone and damaged the ligaments in, as last time. Weirdly, last time, it was just before his grading was due, for level 3 electric guitar (so it got cancelled)..........which he is due to sit Tues?! I'm sure he doesn't want to do it! Luckily it's a sprain, still painful but at least he can do his exam.

2. Getting ready for Christmas. I've always loved Xmas, even more when children came along. My trimmings will go up gradually, the same way they come down. My eldest sons birthday is on Boxing day, so ornaments have always come down that day, to make room for cards! So the ornaments go up first:

3. A Zumba night out. I really struggled to decide whether I was going on this, or not. I bought the ticket ages ago, I've made such lovely friends in class, it was an easy decision. Then the nerves kicked in, and I started wondering what the hell I had done. Those lovely friends that I made, plus my Zumba instructor and her family, really encouraged me to go, without pushing. AND I WENT! I had the best night, and here's the pic of me, with my Zumba instructor, to prove it:
slightly piddled at this stage. Yes that's a pint glass in my hand!

So that's what has made me smile this week. What has it been for you? I love this post, each week, it makes me smile. It doesn't matter how big, or small, the reasons are, if they make you smile, it's good!

Come share a reason to be cheerful with me.

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