Thursday, November 05, 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful

After a month with the lovely Becky, from Lakes Single Mum, the blog hop is back with me. I will promise to try to keep up, I seem to only find the time at about 9pm these days! If I haven't commented on your blog post then do give me a nudge, on social media.

The badge for the linky is on my side bar, just copy the code underneath to add it to your blog post, if you should choose to use it. We run a very friendly little blog hop, so there are no rules, just share what is making you happy this week.

1. Weight, and inch, loss. For the first time in as long as I can remember I have actually lost a little this month! I shared the full story HERE, if you would like to know about it.

2. Back to School. I have loved a chilled half term, especially as I was feeling unwell. However, because they were unwell before half term, they've been off a while. It's kind of nice to get the house back together.

3. Using Santa. My little A has refused to sleep in a bed for most of this year. He won't sleep in bunk beds, because he can't see his brother, as he suffers terrible separation anxiety. He hates being in any room on his own, even the bathroom. We had an idea to put the beds back up, but in a different way, so he could still see his brother, unfortunately little A got really upset by that. 
This week, thanks to a 'magic letter' off Santa, which promised a toy he really wanted in exchange for the beds being put back together, he has agreed! So once all the bits and bobs are found, he will be back in a bed.

So that's my reasons this week. It's been an incredibly tough week here, a look at other posts I've written will show you what I mean. Finding reasons to smile has been really needed.

Do share yours, if not on a blog post, then across any of the social media will do. 

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