Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Life should have a text book!

Some days I just like to watch little A, doing his own thing. I've been living with autism for so long (without realising for a few years), that I just accept the things that happen without complaint.

However, recently, sensory issues seem to be becoming more difficult to handle. Particularly the toileting side of things.

He just doesn't seem to realise when he needs to go, until it's a mad rush to the loo. The issue with this is that he also has separation anxiety, really bad, so won't go to the bathroom alone. Occasionally he will, but he needs to be 'watched'. He needs to know someone is nearby, so that he can see them.

He is starting to get very distressed if he can't find his Blu-tak. He has a ball of it in his hands at all times, it gives him all the things he loved about playdoh, without the issue of it drying up.

It all seems like small things, but it ramps up the stress level for him, then us, if things aren't just right.

He's never been a child to have many meltdowns, we keep things very calm and had learnt what to avoid with our older son, by the time he came along. Recently though, I've had to start thinking about everything again. 

Typical of a child though, he will go to school tomorrow and prove everyone of these points wrong!

I suppose I'm writing this today because I want people to understand that autism is not a box to be ticked. There's a number of things that can come with it. At 7, nearly 8, my sons speech is good, but not as good as others (however, I'm grateful for every word). Sometimes you really have to think about what he's saying.

He's waiting for Physiotherapy, because his legs don't work as well as they should. There's a possibility it's hyper mobility, which my eldest son was told he has, but we didn't know until he was, around, 15.

I suppose I'm saying, life doesn't come with a text book.
Really wish it did though!

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