Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Do your nerves stop you?

So, Christmas is coming. It's OK to talk about that now, right?

 We all know it is the season for parties, or as I know it 
'the season to come up with excuses'!

I struggle so much to go out. If you saw me a few years ago, you would find this hard to believe. I used to go out most Saturday nights, with friends. I would drink, dance and smile all night. We are not talking teenage years, we are talking late 30's!

Then something happened. I don't actually know what happened, I just stopped. Then the next time I was asked to go out.............I struggled to say yes, then the excuses started.

Recently I've fallen in love with dancing, and having fun, again. Only this time in the form of Zumba. It's boosted my confidence, it's getting me fit. I'm still not losing weight, but that is more likely my medical problems than anything I'm doing/not doing.

In a burst of confidence, a few weeks ago, I bought a ticket for the Zumba Christmas party.

It's this weekend.

I want to cry!

I don't want to back out, they are good people. I'm desperately trying to shake the negativity that is crowding my brain. I don't want to succumb to my own insecurities.

I wish I knew what to do!

I want her back!!

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