Saturday, November 21, 2015

10 Things

I'm sat downstairs in my living room, all alone. The teen is still asleep (be lucky to see him before the sun goes down). Little A is lying in bed (alone!?) watching his IPad and Penguins of Madagascar (for the millionth time). RJ is in a contemporary music competition, playing electric guitar, with Mr. Ojo (RJ is playing, the mister is just watching him!).

So my mind is wandering, never a good thing. So here is a list of 10 things going through my mind:

1. Why is my body so crap. I can't lose weight, I took a photo this morning and I look bigger?! Do I need to go without food all together ffs?!

2. I really could run the cleaner over, seeing as little A isn't downstairs..........but I won't.

3. What can I be assed to cook for dinner today? 

4. I could measure my dining chairs, so I can make Santa hat seat covers (that I have the material for already). I probably won't.

5. Why did it snow so stupidly? Either pelt down, or don't. Don't sprinkle then piss off!

6. Why does my mind go at 100 miles per hour, when I'm alone, yet I can't think of a word in the 'words with friends' games I'm playing.

7. I am so completely and utterly jealous of the lucky bloggers in London today. It's the big, annual, Blogfest......I'm not there (obviously).

8. Why would anyone read this drivel. 

9. I should be doing something, but I don't know what.

10. Why the hell is Nigella on the TV!? I've never made a single thing she has cooked. And now I want chocolate, she always makes me want chocolate and I don't know why.

10 things going through my mind, right now, that shows you just how weird I am.

Happy Saturday lovelies

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