Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ups and Downs

I was supposed to go to the Doctor today, for yet another blood test result. However, little A has been sounding terrible the last few days, with a cough getting gradually worse. So we decided to phone, and have him seen instead.

There have been a few things that I wanted to get checked on him, but I don't like to take him too often. He doesn't like being handled very much, and it would soon put him off if I took him for every sniffle. 
In fact I don't think I've taken him for about 6 months, the last time being for his chest too.

Last time he was given Ventolin, an asthma medication to ease his breathing. After a few checks of his chest, and breathing, the Dr seems to think his chest has gotten a little worse. So he now has to have another inhaler, with steroids, to help strengthen them more. 
Poor little thing sounds like he is coughing up a lung, and is not a big fan of the new pump. We will work our magic though, and get him to take it.

One of the other things, is little A's legs. I don't really talk about the physical difficulties that little A sometimes has. People assume, because he li

kes to run back and forth, that he is perfectly fit and healthy. What they don't see is him complaining about his legs hurting, some evenings. Unfortunately he doesn't have the vocabulary to fully explain what's going on. 

So today I mentioned it, and he is being referred back to the children's physio that he used to see, the doc also seems to think there may be a bit of hyper mobility (which the teen has)

We've also had a problem with bed wetting, for the past couple of months. 
It's got to the point where there is little more I can do. He is almost 8 and we are stopping drinks past 7pm, making sure he has a big wee before bed etc. etc. Nothing is working, if we wake him, he won't go back to sleep. 
Thankfully the doc is testing for an infection first, then has suggested some medication he can take, to dehydrate his kidneys slightly, through the night. He has always struggled to get to the toilet on time, even wide awake, so I think we may be looking at a weakness in the bladder, but a follow up in 4-6 weeks should let us know where we go next.

I bet you're wondering where the 'ups' are in this post?! My son allowed the doctor to take his temp (he actually let him put the thermometer in his ear!!!!), that is HUGE!
He let him move his legs about, giggling the whole time.
Basically he did not complain, or stop him, once.

This is a really big positive my my little A.

So proud of him today.


  1. Oh dear! I hope your boy feels better soon!
    Well done for him getting his temp taken x

  2. What a star! It is the little steps are the often the huge achievements. Hope you find some answers soon x

  3. Exactly what Viv ^^ said, the things that may seem small to some are the hugest leaps for others. Well done A, what a star. Good luck with finding the answers xx thanks for linking up with #loudnproud

  4. sorry to hear about the coughing / asthma - hope it gets better soon. My J was the same with the bedtime - then it suddenly happened when we were least expecting it - my friend who is a school nurse said that sometimes their bodies don't produce enough vassopressin (the thing that reduces the amount of wee at nighttime in our bodies) until a certain age and once the vasopressin production catches up it sorts it out and that seems to be what happened with us. #loudnproud xxx


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