Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Shoes and Clothing, What's not to Love?

On the 20th of October I was lucky enough to spend an evening in Cardiff, with Hotter Shoes and Taking Shape Clothing (please take a look at the links, they have fantastic style). So basically I got to spend the evening with some wonderful people, talking about shoes and clothing. Pretty awesome, I think you'll agree.

The first part of the evening was spent with Taking Shape clothing. They focus on sizes 14 to 26, I don't like to call it a +size store, as I don't see a size 14 as +size! 

I already knew about this store, in Cardiff, and would recommend a visit if you're nearby. The staff are superb, and will make every effort to make sure what you're trying on fits well, and looks good. They also have a service where they ask you a few questions when you arrive, and find the perfect outfit for you, including clothing you wouldn't normally wear.

You'll be surprised how a change of style can cheer you up!

They're clothing is fashionable and funky, with some real class thrown in. It's not all tents and frumpy colours.

As you can see, they have clothing suitable for everyday wear, and something a little special for the evening. I got to try on some of these, the fit is lovely. The lovely ladies gave me loads of outfits to try, this was my choice:

How gorgeous is that! Now, I do have a picture of me wearing it, be prepared for a toilet selfie!

My apologies that the picture does not do it justice (and is appalling quality), but if you're going to put a dress to the test, you have to do it properly! Obviously a tipsy night out with friends is the perfect excuse. 

I had loads of compliments on it, all night, even from random ladies. I felt, just the right amount of, glammed up.

I've been back to the store since, as I had taken a real fancy to a jacket:

Also, I knew my (very fashionable) mam, would love their clothes.

Tomorrow I'll fill you in on the second half of the evening, with Hotter Shoes.

What do you think of the clothing, and the dress I picked?


  1. That dress looks so much better on you than the hanger even - and it looked good then! Great choice. The fit of clothes is so important 😌

    1. If something looks good, you feel good xx


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