Thursday, October 29, 2015

Shoes and Clothing... Part 2

As promised, yesterday in the Taking shape post, today is all about the Hotter Shoes! (I know, I'm a very lucky girl).

After trying on a variety of outfits, it was off to find the matching shoes. Now what you may not know about Hotter shoes is that they are as much about comfort, as they are style.

I already own one pair of Hotter shoes, and after a 12 month of wearing them, they are still like new. This time I was looking for something a bit stylish, to get me through winter. Also I wanted something to go with the dress I had, or with a pair of jeans.

You would think that would be a big ask, wouldn't you? But nope, not for the Hotter team.

It's not just picking a pair of shoes and walking away, with this company. The customer service goes above and beyond, they want to make sure the shoes fit perfectly, and are the height of comfort. 

There were so many shoes I loved!
Oh, the colours, the style! I really could of walked out with a dozen pairs of shoes. (I was a bit mean, taking a picture of the bottom ones, as they are my mams favourite pair!)

After trying on several pairs, and having several #hottermoments, I finally picked a pair:

Oh. My.

I mean what's not to love?

However, what's the point in talking about shoes, if you're not going to wear them? Put them to the test? So I did.

I went to Cardiff, shopping with my mam, last week. We spent 6 hours getting on, and off, trains, shopping, eating and gossipping. I took a pair of back up shoes, some simple ballet pumps that I use to drive, just in case. 

The shoes above didn't leave my feet, until I got back to the car, when I needed my driving shoes. They really are comfortable. They have a soft, padded, insole that cushions your feet. 

Another thing I noticed, there are no rough edges. No stitching to rub around the ankles, this is a big deal in the winter when I might be wearing them with thick tights.

I've loved my hotter moments, and these are the first pair of 'heels' that I can wear day to day. I can honestly say that the cost is worth it, they are a UK based company that care about their customers. Take a look at the Comfort Club page, to see their history, and a wonderful blog.

What do you think of my choice?
Would you have chosen different?

Let me know.

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