Thursday, October 15, 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful

I have a poorly boy on my hands this week........not a reason to smile, obviously! However, it has given us lots of time with his smiley face around the house, that's always a reason to smile.

Here's this weeks actual:
Reasons to be Cheerful
(Click on the pic, to be taken to Becky's page, this months host)

1. Little A's teachers meeting: I didn't get to go, but Mr. Ojo got to do his first solo one! Little A is doing incredibly well in his new, much smaller, class. He is reading well, and even attempting some writing. Just like his big brother, he is writing with BOTH hands, with equal ability?! He has settled into primary school so well, even to the point of communicating with other children! So proud of him.

How can you not love that cheeky, crumb filled, face?

2. An evening of feeling spoilt: I spent Tuesday evening at a blog event, run by Hotter Shoes and Taking Shape (do check out the links, I will be writing about it in full soon). Living in a house full of icky boys, it really was wonderful to be treated to a real girly night. I put make up on, I tried on loads of clothes AND I got new shoes! Seriously, what's not to love?
This is the dress I picked, A photo of me looking shmexy in it will follow soon:

3. Being part of the Blogging community: I have become to adore the friends I've made on the web. They keep me going when I'm down, they make me laugh, make me cry, allow me to hug them! I feel so comfortable completely opening up to them. Thank you for being there, my online world!

That's what makes me smile this week! Don't forget to share what's happening in your world, that makes me smile too.


  1. Good news about little A and glad the blogging world is being so good to you, both on-line and at events - and the colours in that dress are only gorgeous! xx

  2. That dress is lovely, beautiful colours.
    And you are right, who could not love that happy little face in your photo!
    We have a Hotter shoes just opened in town and I'm looking forward to having a wander around it, when time permits.
    Hope you and your poorly one feel better soon xx

    1. He's a proper cutey when he wants to be! You will love Hotter, awesome shoes, so comfy xx

  3. hope he is on the mend now. Your pampering evening sounds divine! Great news on the school front.


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