Saturday, October 10, 2015

My Sunday Photo

If you follow me across any social media channels, you may have heard me mention my 'shed'.

My shed is my haven, it's a little hideaway in the bottom of the garden, with a 2 seater sofa and electric hook up. I take my laptop down there when I want peace to write/watch films/relax (delete as applicable).

However, it can get a little cold. So I looked up heaters on t'internet and, being the trawler that I am, came across a homemade heater! Made with ceramic pots and T-lights, no less.

Obviously, once I told Mr.Ojo, it HAD to be made. So, here it is:

How fantastic is that!
And it works!
It heats up my little shed lovely.

Another excuse to spend more time down there.


  1. How very cool - sorry very warm!

    1. Haha Kriss this is a funny comment I cant help but butt in =P

  2. Genius, such a simple solution, happy warm shed evenings this winter!

  3. How clever! And I am a little jealous of your shed!

  4. What a brilliant, economical idea. So glad it really works.

  5. That it brilliant, I want a shed hideaway in my garden now

    Thank you for linking up

  6. Amazing on lots of points... first that you have a fantastic she shed (I would love one...just in case hubby is reading this!)
    Secondly that you get to go to your space and enjoy some 'Me' time and thirdly that heater looks great. How clever ;D

  7. What an ingenious idea, I would love a sanctuary like yours x

  8. oh how cool and it goes so perfectly too!

  9. That's a brilliant idea. And loving the idea of a shed retreat. I'd love a summer house where I could retreat to (and store lots of stuff that the OH hates being in the house)

  10. That's a great way to keep warm! Fantastic idea... and I'm glad that it works! #MySundayPhoto


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