Friday, October 30, 2015

Month of Honesty: Day 29

I'm writing this so late, it's almost day 30! It's been a 'date night' for me and the hubby. I know some people hate that phrase, but it's the only thing to call it really, particularly at times the children are off school. 

You see, I lost respite when my youngest started school. Even though the people that came to look after the boys agreed that I REALLY needed it. 

So it's down to my mam, when I ask her, which is rarely, to come and look after the 2 youngest while me and the hubby chill out. My mum spends a lot of time with my family, we're incredibly close, but I don't want her to HAVE to look after my boys (even though they behave better for her!).

So this evening was spent, down the shed (yes, you read that right!), watching a movie, in peace.

So now it's time for:

Well Being:

I finally seem to be shifting this flu! Yay!
Unfortunately, Mr. Ojo now seems to have it. Boo!

Mental Health:

A night chilling with my, incredibly loving, husband was exactly what this lady needed. I feel much more relaxed. I've also got to catch up with a friend today. I haven't seen her in a few days, and we basically talked each others ears off, over several cups of coffee..........there is no better therapy.


It's not great, but it's the most I've moved this week AND included a stroll to the shop.


Breakfast: Tesco Chocolate Croissant (don't blame me, the Mr got it before I got up).
Dinner: Roast Turkey breast, roast potatoes, yorkshire pudding, gravy, cauliflower, broccoli, sprouts and green beans.
Tea: Meatballs (I couldn't find anything else to eat, that had no Carbohydrate!)
Snacks: Satsumas and some Doritos


I don't think that's too bad a day, when you consider there was a date night included (hence the Doritos).

My advice for anyone who is struggling though, with their mental health, is reach out. Find someone that understands, that can talk to you. Not about your mind, just about 'stuff', it's amazing how having a natter can make you feel better.

Hope you've enjoyed my honesty, so far, especially as it's coming to an end!

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