Thursday, October 08, 2015

Day 8 (A month of honesty)

I have been determined not to let anything get me down today, to keep yesterdays positive mental attitude. I've fought my feelings all day! 


Breakfast: Bowl of Bran Flakes with Lactofree milk
Lunch: A soya Chocolate cooler and egg sandwich from Costa
Dinner: Homemade lasagna. Made with the leanest mince (less than 5% fat), courgette, onion, mushroom, passata, lactofree cheese and milk. 
Snacks: Turkey breast, half a cookie and a bag of mange tout.


Bit disappointed in myself for missing Zumba again. The lack of inch loss has really knocked me. I am getting past it, and will make a conscious effort to go Sunday, or Monday.

General Well Being:

I had a letter off the doctor today, requesting I make an appointment, to discuss my most recent blood tests. They were testing for Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D, obviously I'm lacking in one of them! Other than that, I feel ok today.

Mental Health:

We got up and went Christmas shopping, after dropping the boys to school. It was a fun and laughter filled morning with Mr. Ojo. Unfortunately I came home to the doctors letter, which knocked me a bit. Then an accidental voice mail was left on my phone, where my teen 'butt dialled' me, some things are better left unknown. I'm still determined not to let it get to me though! PMA all the way!
Little A coming out of school full of smiles helped, I'll be honest.

Today has felt like swimming against the tide............but I'm not drowning am I?

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