Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Day 6

Yesterday, the wheels fell off............today I crashed! I'm going to do things in reverse today, so I shall start with:

Mental Health:

It's been a bloody rough day. I've had rows with my children, particularly the teen. He's almost 18 and has suddenly gone from angel child to bloody hard work. 
This ended this eve with me trying to talk to him and his, almost, 13 year old brother. I'm not feeling great, I'm hormonal, basically I'm a mess. The talk ended with me getting upset, and a few tears.
Now I feel shitty for making them feel bad, even though they don't give a crap if they make me feel bad!?
Mentally, I'm really struggling to get over the lack of inch loss. I haven't been to Zumba yet, this week, because I feel like such a loser.

General Well Being:

I've felt really tired, and drained, again today. Maybe I should stop pushing myself and accept that the iron might take a while to build up. Obviously there is the hormonal issue too, as I'm pre-menopausal.


Crap, just crap.


Breakfast: egg, beans, mushroom and fried slice.
Lunch: Lactofree cheese, mayo and cucumber sandwich (x3)
Dinner: Baked potato, egg, mayo, broad beans and sweetcorn
Snacks: Value packet of crisps, mint penguin, 2 choc digestive.

So there, that's today. Sorry it's not more positive, it will get there, I'm just having a rough couple of days! Tomorrow could be all sunshine and roses, that is how my world works.

Is anyone else looking at this and wondering how they could change things up for the better? Let me know, I love to talk.


  1. At least you're trying! Most people who moan about their weight, don't leave the sofa. Other than your 3 (seriously 6 pieces of bread?!) sandwiches, it's not too bad. You looked fantastic on Saturday, so try and get some calm time and find the positives. Remember your 17 year old could have moved out, so he must care slightly :)

    1. Oh no! It was 3 pieces of bread lol. That would be wa bit much haha x

  2. I am so sorry you are having a rough time. Your iron levels won't be helping with your emotional ability to deal with stuff so be a bit kinder to yourself. The wheels haven't fallen off, you just have a puncture xxxx

    1. *screwing the wheels back on* as I type xxx


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