Sunday, October 04, 2015

Day 4


Breakfast: Toast and ketchup
Lunch: Some cinema popcorn and nachos
Dinner: chicken breast fillet with roast potatoes, green beans, peas and gravy (plus a slice of bread for dipping).
Snacks: bacon grills (low calorie corn snacks), 2 finger kit kat, and 2 mini naan breads late evening.


You will notice a trend of quiet weekends. My youngest is not a fan of leaving the house, and I use it as an excuse!

General well being:

Tired today, but 'that time' of month is coming close. If that's the reason, its a positive, as it hasn't knocked me out as much as it normally would.

Mental health:

A bit snappy, but then.....see above. Otherwise, it's been a lovely day, with a cinema visit, right on the middle of it.


  1. Toast and ketchup! Is that a Welsh thing?
    Have you tried having something more protein-based for breakfast than carbs? It might help.
    Also -cinema visit, I'm so jealous! It's almost 4 years since I last went to the cinema!

    1. I thought toast and ketchup was normal! haha. Maybe it is a Welsh thing, as you're the second person to mention it. Most mornings it's a rush, that's why it's toast. Our local cinema is only £2.50 a showing, £3.50 on weekends! x


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