Saturday, October 03, 2015

Day 3

Yesterdays post was completed today. Although it was written yesterday, it was done on my phone and looked atrocious. I have edited and posted, you can find it HERE.

So, onto day 3, which has been spent at a Blogging Conference. It was an awesome day, and a great test of how I do in unusual circumstances.

As promised, I took the full length shots. They are not great, as they were taken in the hotel room, but it will give me something to compare with, at the end of the month:

Onto the rest of today.


Breakfast: Chocolate Croissant from Tesco
Lunch: A sandwich, some crisps (they were loose, in a bowl, so no idea how many) and a small slice of cake.
Dinner: 2 Brains Faggots, Mashed potato and peas
Snacks: Some sweets from my goody bag and some extra crisps that I pinched in passing. I also had loads more water today. 


Hard to do much movement today, most of it was spent sat down! Either at BlogON or in the car.

Well Being:

Feeling quite healthy! Iron tablets are obviously working, as I didn't feel at all tired. The extra water I drank today has helped me feel less bloated too.

Mental Health:

After an incredible nights sleep I feel so much better, mentally. Being around lots of other lovely bloggers made being happy very easy, with lots of hugs being handed out. It's hard looking at the, full length, body shots I took, but hopefully I can get passed my own insecurities this month.

So 3 days in, what are your thoughts? 
It's been a busy weekend to start this on, but life does that. I want this to be as real, and truthful, as I can. It's the only way to mover forward, in my eyes.


  1. I'm glad the iron tablets seem to be working!
    I think you look fab! I love your dress...I wish I was brave enough to wear dresses! :D x

    1. You should try! I bet you'd look gorgeous xx

  2. Your dress was gorgeous and you looked great. So happy to see you again!

    1. Thank you! So food to give you cwtches again x


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