Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Month of Honesty: The last One!

This is it, my last one. I've said in another post, I've really enjoyed writing a post each evening, and may carry on. Not so much about my health and well being, although that is a heavy feature of my blog, but about my thoughts of the day.

Today has been very up and down! I decided to add a new way of commenting on my blog, which nearly went totally wrong! (It's still not completely as I would like it, but better)

After getting very stressed about that, I pop on to facebook to find I have won a competition! I've won 4 tickets to the WWE wrestling, in Cardiff. My 12 year old loves it, and the rest of us have been into it most of our lives. We are bouncing! So, babysitter sorted for little A, Cardiff bound we will be, grinning like idiots. Also, I will get to catch up with the lovely blogger Victoria. We've met a few times now and it's always been a pleasure (although she might not agree when confronted with the rest of my tribe!).

On to the final:


Breakfast: Porridge made with lactofree milk
Lunch: 2 pieces of bloomer bread with soya cheese.
Dinner: Sausage (cooked in the George Foreman), oven chips and baked beans.
Snacks: mini heroes, from the trick or treat bowl! An orange.

Bit disappointed with my lack of veg today, I was so busy fussing on my blog, I didn't cook a proper dinner.


Shhhh! It's Saturday!

Mental Health and Well Being:

It's been a stressful afternoon, trying to sort out the comments, but it wasn't the end of the world. The rest of the day has been spent chilling with the family, soaking in the bath and answering the door to cute monsters.

A happy, contented day.


I'll round it all up, over the next couple of days. In general I think you can see, I don't eat too bad and I get exercise. I have my off days, but who doesn't?

You readers have been hugely supportive of my journey this month. I hope it shows that even if you work hard, sometimes weight loss/inch loss, doesn't got to plan.

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