Friday, October 09, 2015

A Month of Honesty: Day 9

Today has been another day of insuring my PMA was not taken away from me. There have been some serious talks with the teen, they were not easy and I confess to letting Mr. Ojo do most of the talking. 

However, now the talking is done. All that's left is for him to work through this, and hopefully come out the right side. 

Mental Health:

With all of above, I have kept up the positivity. I am not going to let him ANYBODY ruin it for me. The only way to fix the low moments, is to get past them in your own way.

My way today was a mini pamper sesh. I've bought myself some false nails to put on, and dyed my hair again.

General Well Being:

I've been feeling fairly good today. No tiredness, which has resulted in a lot of cleaning. The house AND the shed are gleaming...........well downstairs anyway!


Breakfast: 2 egg omelet, mushrooms, onion and sprinkling of grated lactofree cheese.
Lunch: Grilled turkey, oven chips and fat free gravy.
Dinner: Onion bhaji, curry samosas, lettuce, spring onion, light mayo and half a naan bread. (Bit of a cheat tea, but they used to be a lot worse)
Snacks: packet of baby corn, half a cookie.


Not great, but I didn't sit still! I may still do more, after typing this, just to get to my 10K.

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  1. Admire you honesty and really do need to catch up with what is going on with you. Seem to have lost interest in many things blogging related since moving but want to change that and no exuse not to be reading my favourite blogs.
    You need in my opinion to forgive yourself way more than you do - stop beating yourself up. You are allowed to be the special human you are


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